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“My thanks to Vance Morgan and Tuffy. All the folks at Tuffy were friendly. I had burned wire near worried me a little bit......No big deal to Vance. He had me fixed up and on the road in an hour. Thanks dude. I appreciate you.”

Barry Coffield

Oct 01, 2021 – Pensacola, FL

“My family and I were coming to Pensacola for vacation and hit some type of large animal around 10:30 p.m. on a Thursday night that caused extensive damage to the front fascia, radiator and the condenser of our car. We contacted Tuffy on Friday morning they had us bring it in they took a look at it, they told us that if they could get the party and they could probably get us out that same day. As we didn't have a car now to go get a rental, the owner lent us his own PERSONAL vehicle for a couple of hours.!! to do so! To make this short, I'll just say that they did get us done by 5 oh, they were also extremely nice and professional. This level of commitment to customer service and kindness is exceedingly rare these days, I recommend these guys to anyone!!”

Patrick Smith

Jul 18, 2021 – byram, MS

“Tuffy's is always my go to place for everything car related. The customer service is superior and the prices are very competitive. I have used them for years and will continue to use them. They know me by name when I walk in the door! I highly recommend Tuffy's!”

Judy Patrick

Jan 06, 2021 – Pensacola , FL

“I have used Tuffy's for several years now. The service is excellent. The staff are always very nice and they always remember me! The prices are good and I love the specials and coupons. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Judy P

Dec 03, 2020 – Pensacola , FL

“Excellent customer service, and affordable repair.”

John V

Aug 25, 2020 – Pace, FL

“I always get reliable service and great prices from the helpful staff at Tuffy's! And am quick to recommend Tuffy's to anyone who ask about auto service.”

Tamara Matthews

Jan 09, 2020 – Pensacola, FL

“Very helpful staff. I called in with little information, and they were able to assist me! Going to make them my primary car-care service provider! ”


Nov 21, 2015 – PENSACOLA, FL

“Every time I use Tuffy's, the costumer service is excellent as well as the job they do! Never attempt to talk me into anything I don't need, and the prices are the best!! ”

Courtney P

Nov 03, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“The people are always very nice and they do an excellent job. ”

Megan Murphy

Oct 28, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“I've used this Tuffy location several times and have always been treated right. Referred my buddy to them yesterday and they took good care of him as usual. ”

Scott A

Oct 20, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“Excellent service, nice clean place. Professional and courteous staff!”


Aug 13, 2015 – Rodriguez, FL

“I have used this Tuffys' numerous times and have been highly satisfied with ALL the work they have done on my 3 vehicles”

Charles W

Jul 21, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“Every employee I spoke with gave me the upmost respect and offered friendly, professional advice and information. It was a pleasure doing business with tuffy and I will be sure to be a repeat customer!! ”

Chandler B

Jul 15, 2015 – Pensacola , FL

“I got a flat tire going to a dr. appointment called our friends atTtuffy before my husband witch is handy caped could get the car jacked up to change the tire our friends was there took over the job ... would not take a to the dr. appointment in time... thanks brain & Tuffy”

Linda Bain

Jul 15, 2015 – pensacola, FL

“Great Service.”

Jim K

Jul 14, 2015 – pensacola, FL

“Great Team. Great Service. Broke college kid...”

Peggy W

Jul 14, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“Great Service!”

Becca T

Jul 14, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“Great Service...”

Charles W

Jul 14, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“Always so good to us.”

Jenifier K

Jul 14, 2015 – pensacola, FL

“This is the only place I've trusted. Brian and Mike have been great..”

Summer J

Jul 14, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“Great customer service and very friendly and helpful. Earlier this year you guys really saved me when I was in....”

Tye S

Jul 14, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“Tuffy is always friendly and great.”

Megan M

Jul 14, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“Always top experience.”

Linda B

Jul 14, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“Great customer service. They make you feel very welcome.”

Edward H

Jul 14, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“Everybody was friendly and took good care of my vehicle.”

Alex F

Jul 14, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“Overall experience was a 10..I could only give a 5 star rating..Highly recommend.”

Janine C

Jul 14, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“Very nice people at Tuffy. Thank you for the excellent service.”

Hugh M

Jul 14, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“I always have great service here.. ”

Stephanie E

Jul 14, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“Excellent Service As Always”

Tamara R

Jul 14, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“Tuffy is the friendliest Tire and Auto Service around! It is conveniently located near the campus of UWF and the customer service is top notch. I use Tuffy for all my oil change needs and if I ever need air in my tires, I can drop right in and be on my way in less than 5 minutes. ”

Mikia C

Jun 16, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“I haven't been to Tuffy's but my sister has and she says the service is great and trusting and recommended that I should take my car to be serviced at Tuffy.”

Kimberly J

Jun 16, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“Great service in a timely manner”

Edward M

Jun 05, 2015 – Pensacola, FL

“After reading a bunch of negative reviews I was hesitant to bring my vehicle to this shop. My boyfriend had a positive experience when he took his car in to get his oil changed and so he persuaded me to let him take my vehicle to the shop. I have nothing but great things to say! They serviced my issue immediately, and even beat the previous quotes i had from other shops. I will continue to bring my vehicle to this shop and tell people about the positive experiences we've had!”


Apr 20, 2015 – PENSACOLA, FL

“I brought my wife's 1994 Mustang by due to the A.C. not working properly (she was pregnant so this was an EMERGENCY!) lol Brian got her car in in no time, and the guys in the back had it diagnosed and fixed and working properly again all in less than an hour. Leaks in the system and low on Freon were the issues. Big kudos to the University St. Tuffy's in Pensacola, FL. Thank you guys!!! You saved me from at least one pregnant woman fiasco! lol”

Nathaniel J

Sep 03, 2014 – Pace, FL