Cabin Air Filter From Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Pensacola

August 25, 2019

Here is a questions for Pensacola drivers: What is a cabin air filter?Is it: A filter for a house in the middle of the woods? A fresh, piney scent? A filter for the passenger compartment of your car? Clever you, it's 3.A cabin air filter cleans the outside air before it comes into the passenge... More

Are Modern Vehicles Maintenance Free?

August 18, 2019

In our auto video today we'll be talking with Alan Peterson about myths surrounding automotive maintenance. You can lump these myths into the statement that "modern vehicles are so reliable, they are virtually maintenance free."Any good myth has some elements of truth. No offense to Pensacola Bi... More

Watching Your Check Engine Light

August 11, 2019

Did you know that most of the cars driving around Pensacola, Florida, carry more computer power than the Apollo 121 Lunar Module that landed on the moon in 1969?New cars sold in the Pensacola area have as many as 12 networked computers and over five miles (eight kilometers) of wiring. In fact, f... More

What Is a Differential and Do You Have One?

August 4, 2019

With front-wheel drive being so common these days in Pensacola, Florida, the differential is just taken care of during a transmission service, so most Pensacola drivers don't even have to think about it. And rear-wheel drive differentials don't need to be serviced for years, so it's understandab... More