Automotive Tips from Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Pensacola: Wiper Blade Options

June 30, 2019

Wiper blades are critically important to Pensacola drivers for good driving visibility and safety. When its time to replace your wiper blades, there are a number of different wiper blade designs and grades. Pensacola drivers should always use at least the design or grade that came with their vehi... More

New Life for Your Older Car in Pensacola

June 23, 2019

Isn't it amazing how much of our stuff is disposable these days? Clothes, electronics, housewares, furniture.Remember the days when Pensacola families mended their clothes, polished their shoes and neatly put away their toys every night? If something was lost or ruined through neglect, your paren... More

Smooth Shifting in Pensacola, Florida: Transmission Service

June 16, 2019

So you have some exciting plans for the weekend. You're going to take some of your friends out on the boat for some water skiing. Of course, you've gotten the boat all ready. And you haven't forgotten about your tow vehicle. You've gassed it up and even vacuumed it out. However, there is somethi... More

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Pensacola On Your Serpentine Belt

June 9, 2019

Today we're going to be talking about serpentine belts for our Pensacola, Florida, customers. Let's start by talking about the accessories that are driven by the serpentine belt. First is the alternator. That's the device that makes electricity to power the vehicle and recharge the battery. The... More

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Pensacola: Why Replace Your Engine Air Filter?

June 2, 2019

Just as our bodies need clean air to function properly, your vehicle engine needs clean air to operate efficiently. Let's go egghead for a minute. For every gallon of gas we burn driving on Pensacola streets, 20 pounds of carbon dioxide comes out the tailpipe. Question: how can a gallon of gas t... More