Commitment to Make Your vehicle Last at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Pensacola

April 28, 2019

These days many people in the Pensacola area are really committed to making their cars last a long time. First thing: you've got to start with what you've got. It'd be ideal if people started with a brand new car, never missed a scheduled service item, paid attention to the severe service mainte... More

Cruisin' on Down Main Street

April 21, 2019

When automakers first came out with cruise control, it was a real luxury item. The older cruise controls used a mechanical vacuum system but it worked. Well, some of the time. Now days, cruise control is all electronic, thanks to computers. It's reliable and a real convenience on long trips. ... More

Hitting the Brakes in Pensacola

April 14, 2019

Safety should always be an element of your vehicle care. So even if you don't care about how your vehicle looks, you should practice preventive maintenance to protect yourself and other Pensacola drivers on the road. And good safety starts with good brakes.Brakes need a regular inspection. The... More

Should Pensacola Soccer Moms Follow the Severe Service Schedule?

April 7, 2019

So you take your vehicle in for maintenance and the pro at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Pensacola tells you that you ought to change your oil more often. What? You followed the maintenance schedule but you take a second look at that severe service schedule and see some of the following: 1. M... More