Car Care Tips

The Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Pensacola Guide to Saving Fuel: Car Weight

The team at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Pensacola in Pensacola and Florida car owners are all talking fuel economy right now. Better gas mileage. Fewer emissions. Pensacola auto owners want to save the environment and their pocketbooks. And we all know—or should know—that p... Read More

Another Couple of Years: Making Your Vehicle Last With Help From Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Pensacola

A while back, the Cash for Clunkers program was all over the Florida news. Pensacola people could trade in their old vehicle for a new one that got better fuel efficiency and receive a government rebate. A lot of Pensacola motorists had so-called clunkers that they wanted to keep. ... Read More

Steer Right In Pensacola

Virtually all vehicles come with power steering so many Pensacola motorists have never driven a car or truck without it. Power steering assists you when you turn your SUV steering wheel. Without it, it would be very hard to steer. Now this power assist comes in a couple of forms. In recent year... Read More

Stop It! You Need Good Brakes

Good brakes are obviously very important. If you've ever had your brakes go out while you're driving around the Pensacola area, you'll know how terrifying it can be. Today we'll focus on how to tell when you have a brake problem, and how to make good repair choices. Often, the first ... Read More

Have You Checked Your Headlights?

Like everything on the Pensacola automotive market, there have been great strides in headlight technology in recent years. Florida drivers can be safer at night because of it. Good headlights improve visibility on Pensacola expressways, enabling you to see farther. They also improve ... Read More

Air Conditioning Maintenance At Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Pensacola In Pensacola

Warm weather or cold, Pensacola drivers still need to think about their vehicle’s air conditioning. Most Pensacola people don’t service their air conditioning until after it fails. At Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Pensacola, we can advise you on your 's preventive maintenance... Read More

Synthetic Oil For Pensacola Autos

If you aren’t currently using synthetic motor oil in your Pensacola vehicle, maybe now’s the time to consider it. Need more information? Well, synthetic motor oil is a substitute for petroleum based oil. Synthetic oil doesn’t gel or gum-up like petroleum based oil and it doesn’t vapo... Read More

Higher Mileage Service Intervals For Pensacola

Pensacola auto owners have probably noticed that the government mandates a lot of equipment on cars: emission devices and control computers; safety equipment like airbags; and crash worthiness requirements. All of this is great for the motoring public in Pensacola but it does add qui... Read More

How to Know When to Change Your Oil At Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Pensacola

Today in the Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Pensacola auto care blog, we’re going to talk to Pensacola motorists about oil change intervals. It seems that as engine technology advances, recommended oil change intervals have gotten longer for Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Cente... Read More

Make Your Vehicle Last

We live in such a disposable society. It's amazing all the stuff we throw away. New stuff comes out so fast, we just toss the old and move on. In the old days Florida folks were real sticklers about taking care of their things. If something got lost or ruined by neglect, tough - th... Read More


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